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Civilian Application

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What is your first name for your RP Character?:


What is your last name for your RP Character?:


What is your Arma 3 UID?:

Have you linked your Steam profile to your forum account? (required):


Is your in-game name, forum name, and teamspeak name the same? (if not it will be changed at the time of whitelisting):


What is your Date of Birth and age?

10/08/1999 - 17

Have you set your Date of Birth on your forum profile? If not your application will be postponed.


Where are you from?

Chester, UK

Do you both speak and understand fluent English?:


In at least 50 words, explain why we should allow you to join Arma 3 life:

I think you should allow me to join your community as I have already have friends within your community and I will also bring my past RP experience and attributes to the server; I also think that I have very good communication skills. In the past I have been the the Police for a long time on other servers so this has forced me to have a very good understanding on role-play. I love Arma 3 life as the mods included add to the experience making it unique and more realistic.

In at least 75 words, tell us why you want to join Arma 3 Life:

I would love to join this island because I have always loved role-playing and this server seems like the standard is very high. I bought this game because I love games where people readily communicate and I believe that this server will allow me to communicate and role-play as much as possible, which is something I highly enjoy. Another reason is because this server has a whitelist, I think this is very very useful as it would highly help to prevent people trolling e.g. rdm/vdming.

In at least 100 words, give us a RP backround of the character you plan to play as:

While growing up young Brontide was surrounded by criminal activity and corruption; it was happening so often that it became the norm to those around him. Brontide hated it so much but there was nothing that he could do to stop it as the only possible ways were illegal. If he tried to do this he would only be as bad as the others so he had to sit there and watch it all happen. Brontide dreamed about a world without crime, where everyone lived happily together and the all got along. One day Brontide came across a man who said that he was in the APC; this man was named James. James told Brontide about his childhood and Brontide saw that they had so much in common. James told Brontide that the most he could do to stop the rebels was to join the APC. This is when Brontide realised that being in the APC was what he wanted to do for his whole life; to have the ability to legally enforce those who are making the towns dangerous.

Do you have a prior experience in Arma Roleplay?:

~300 hours in grandtheftarma.com

Are you apart of any other RP communities?:


Do you agree and understand that if you plagiarize on your application that you will be Permanantly Denied and banned from the community?:


Have you read and understood all of our rules?:


How did you find out about us?:


Please copy and paste the link to our official rules:


Edited by Heisen Beira-Mar

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Your application has been POSTPONED!


You have 48 hours to fix the errors given in the reasoning below,

otherwise you will be denied for one week from this post.

You are required to reply saying ‘Fixed’ when complete.


Your IP has multiple Forum Accounts linked to it, Please come onto our TeamSpeak and speak to an Admin to get this cleared up

Invalid RP Name


Your application will be put on hold until these issues are corrected.


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Your application has been ACCEPTED!

Please proceed to join our Teamspeak:


Join the “Waiting for Interview” Channel with a link to your forum profile ready.

Prior to doing the above please make sure you read and understood all the Rules.

If your forum profile name is not the same as your Roleplay name,

it will be changed by an admin when you are whitelisted.


Accepted under Brontide Ferguson

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