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    • Chris Stark

      Development and Road-Map for A3L   03/30/2017

      Community, After a few weeks of consideration I have made the decision to stop all updates other then Donation Updates for the time being. The reason for that is, we need to fix a lot of bugs and get things to a point where we can push major updates. Right now we have started a Road Map for everyone to keep track of this progress and where things are going in the community.   We currently have 4 phases to this update. Phase 1 - The plan with the first phase is literally to identify the problems. What I mean by that is literally Setup the route for the next few phases. IE we need to know what guns we use, what cars we are using, what buildings, ect. And then once we have a good idea about all of that we need to then plan what we want to use in the future. What we want to add and what we want to give up. After that has all been determined we move to Phase 2. Phase 2 - Once we have everything from the first phase we can then go through our 541 mods in our @A3L and simplify. What I mean by that is remove all the mods we aren't using and then merge some of the ones we are. Simple clean neat! After that we will work hard to fix ALL the bugs. I don't mean just a bug here and a bug there to put band-aids on the issue. I want it where when you join the server there is NO issues! Phase 3 - After all the bugs and kinks have been fixed we will then start the Development process, New Jobs, All new UI for everything to match, New Buildings, Medical System, Furniture for houses, Physical Items instead of virtual, and what everyone has been waiting for.... The new Map. And other things that will be listed on the road-map. Phase 4 - Then after all of that before we push the major update we will need to do a few things we haven't done in the past. Get IP (intellectual property) agreements with all devs who's 3rd party mods we have in our server. People ask why this is so important... Well the reason is so if someone reports us to bohemia we have an agreement stating we have permission to use said mod and even monitize while doing so. This is very important so people like you don't miss out on any content having to be removed due to permissions. Once we have the IP agreements then we need to give credits to all 3rd party mod makers. BIG KEY THING that we haven't done in a LONG time. Then we push a major update.   **Now remember during all this things in the road-map may change. We may add more into the cards or take away depending on the situation so make sure you are constantly checking our road-map to find out.** Road-Map: https://trello.com/b/eM04lzry/arma3life   Thank you,
      Chris Stark
      Project Lead
    • Spencer Lannister

      Teamspeak synced with the forums   07/31/2017

      Hello everyone, We have recently added a feature that will sync our forums to Teamspeak. This will add every tag that you have on the forums to Teamspeak. The only tags that won't be assigned will be command/police/ems, gang/business and other misc tags. You will have to contact a staff member for those. You can view a tutorial here on how to sync your Forums to Teamspeak. Thank @Heisen Beira-Mar for this.   We will give everyone 2 weeks to sync their Teamspeak before we wipe everything.
      If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Note: If your tags keep getting removed that is because you have a tag on the TS that is not on the website. You will have to get a staff member to check if you have all the correct website tags.

    • Christopher Chrome

      Introduction of A3L Exile   08/08/2017

      Hello All, Today we are proud to announce the introduction of the Exile Server that Logan and myself have been working on for the past few weeks. Please keep in mind there will be a few bugs here and there and the server will be constantly watched over to make sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. We made this server for people to enjoy and have a good time with friends.  We hope everyone will enjoy and as stated prior we will be watching the server to make sure it is running smoothly and hot-fixes will be pushed throughout the week. Server IP: Exile.arma3life.org , Port: 2302  FTP Link for Arma 3 Sync: ftp://exile.arma3life.org/.a3s/autoconfig

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  1. Once again we return from war and a certain something is still missing :thinkingface:

    1. Auke Kincaid

      Auke Kincaid


  2. b3501a3c7ee5f7503f6e9b7396b792eb.jpg

    We lost a lot of good men

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    2. Cole Slaughter

      Cole Slaughter

      Still recovering from my wounds...Johnny and I didn't think we were going to make it off of that crane...Rest in Peace to the fallen soldiers.

    3. Dylan Grant

      Dylan Grant

      "YO transport heli take me to the AO"




      "alright wait one gonna go grab Mac"


      *flys away without me*

    4. Yakota Yamanaka
  3. fc6c69146eb34efc004391f6c06df3b3.jpg

    y art thou not pillaging russian slavs with us

    1. Dany Kincaid

      Dany Kincaid

      I have the mods, but I've been lately. I'm hoping this weekend I'll be able to rek some russian bastards kappa

  4. ucSLsH3.jpg

    the OG Team Ten 'nahmsayin? 

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    2. Yakota Yamanaka

      Yakota Yamanaka

      Y'all are just jealous

    3. Casper Johannes

      Casper Johannes

      No What the fuck is your problem you stupid weeb

    4. Auke Kincaid

      Auke Kincaid

      dost thou haveth mental problems

  5. 1f1a077a55a180e14941a0bb22011aef.jpg

    this bitch ass spotter @Johnny Slaughter ugly af

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    2. Auke Kincaid

      Auke Kincaid

      you dont want this problem frodo

    3. Yakota Yamanaka

      Yakota Yamanaka


      yea yea wait till you lose your legs like frank nigga

    4. Auke Kincaid

      Auke Kincaid

      thanks ugly god

  6. I need you back, need u to remind me to watch blues clues and drink my apple juice, sir

  7. Hello I am interested in police roleplay 

    1. Connor Hammer
    2. Muhammed Ishak

      Muhammed Ishak

      Jackson County Roleplay Office

  8. wHEN u have to remove SERT from the banner FeelsBadMan

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    2. Alf Masticoverre

      Alf Masticoverre

      sure rex, keep telling yourself that, clean your room maybe? <3


    3. Yakota Yamanaka

      Yakota Yamanaka

      Rex u have a nasty ass stain on your carpet 

    4. Wex Weddington

      Wex Weddington

      @Dakota Skye you have a nasty ass stain on your head called your face headass

  9. Is your mom still a whore?

    1. Cyrus Najail

      Cyrus Najail

      we didn't use enough atomic bombs on japan get your weeaboo headass out of my profile 

  10. hello sir 

    1. Jim Kincaid

      Jim Kincaid

      hello civilian

    2. Yakota Yamanaka

      Yakota Yamanaka

      how dare u say that to me 

    3. Alf Masticoverre

      Alf Masticoverre

      hello mr former vip

  11. wow nice reputation

    1. Yakota Yamanaka

      Yakota Yamanaka

      I did not say u can look at my profile u weeb 


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