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      Shalom, From this moment forward the only members of the community allowed to possess a medkit will be on duty EMS. Using a medkit to heal yourself, a friend or to revive someone will from this point forward be considered exploiting. I have manually removed every medkit from police inventories and will go through Civ inventories in the morning. I have nothing better to do with my life and I am inactive so I don't mind staring at database all day. I will periodically check DB and if I find you with a medkit you will receive an exploit ban.   Have a good day, Tyler Reagan

      P.S. - Stop Duping, I know who you are, I will find you.

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  1. Gonna get permed soon so here is my will:


    All cars go to Cameron Sullivan


    All funds go to LDC bank account

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    2. Tyler Reagan

      Tyler Reagan

      All funds and assets go to DOJ

    3. Mark Nutt

      Mark Nutt

      Consider this comment a pre-order on a +1 to your upcoming ban appeal post

    4. John Grim

      John Grim

      Ethan your aids

      You shouyld have given me your cop outfit before leaving

  2. My name is Ethan and I got memed on while trying to meme. 


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    2. Ethan Thrasher

      Ethan Thrasher

      Now if you would excuse me, I need to go roleplay

    3. Hank Moody

      Hank Moody

      *rolls a 7* Joke was resisted. Loss of turn. 

    4. Mark Nutt

      Mark Nutt

      Ethan, playing Dungeons & Dragons literally requires a social life - you have to talk to other people and interact with them.

  3. Rotten jerkface poopie doodoo head

  4. Thought I looked cute in this pic.
  5. I wonder if bloods watch Blues Clues

  6. Fuck on your aunty, your mammy, your daughter. Superman that pussy, she call me father.

    1. Mark Donovan

      Mark Donovan

      Shut yo bitch ass up

    2. Jermaine Santino

      Jermaine Santino

      I give her dick, she a man.

  7. *burner phone* Well see... we will see...
  8. *burner laptop* *VPN* *Encrypted network* *anon* suqvuwgvigwvgwvpywvtwifwpfwtwcptwtowvhwvubwuinqiqnibaiadjwkdbhxkwbxhdkwoskbosap)))))(-'alsokshabwoabbdHACKINGINTOSODATABASEspsbfbaoznb/////wismsbdbialdhaoxnaSTEALINGFILES....ajwbdhiejejwishehDONE Hello members of the Jackson County Sheriffs Office, FBI, and Marshals. You don't know my name and you never will, so just call me 4hed. I am here to expose you all. I am here to start the domino effect that will end your corrupt departments. I have a stash of classified documents that would shock the public if they were to be released to the public, would cause absolute chaos. You have 24 hours to give me $2,000,000 or I will leak the documents. Clock is ticking... Clock is ticking...