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      Shalom, From this moment forward the only members of the community allowed to possess a medkit will be on duty EMS. Using a medkit to heal yourself, a friend or to revive someone will from this point forward be considered exploiting. I have manually removed every medkit from police inventories and will go through Civ inventories in the morning. I have nothing better to do with my life and I am inactive so I don't mind staring at database all day. I will periodically check DB and if I find you with a medkit you will receive an exploit ban.   Have a good day, Tyler Reagan

      P.S. - Stop Duping, I know who you are, I will find you.

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  1. @Robin Beira-Mar
  2. deadass b
  3. id bang
  4. Dakota is a dude
  5. My name's Frank and I eat dick 


  6. wHEN u have to remove SERT from the banner FeelsBadMan

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    2. Alf Masticoverre

      Alf Masticoverre

      sure rex, keep telling yourself that, clean your room maybe? <3


    3. Dakota Johannes

      Dakota Johannes

      Rex u have a nasty ass stain on your carpet 

    4. Wex Weddington

      Wex Weddington

      @Dakota Skye you have a nasty ass stain on your head called your face headass

  7. I am more trustable, this man has been permed 3 times
  8. Like this post and I will PM you the google drive link for the mods. Quick download
  9. and you're still trash
  10. 210
  11. Well sir it was to make a report.
  12. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/263846487455270567/5D31B93D1009FB3D2A78E505A83B0A8779C3A7B3/ jUST A DANK KEYCHAINER
  13. @Darrell Kincaid
  14. I'll give you 1 of my wives and a PP touch for VIP

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    2. Alf Masticoverre

      Alf Masticoverre

      we all know you will never get vip again @Dakota Johannes

    3. Wex Weddington

      Wex Weddington

      Where's wex's vip

    4. Matthew Kincaid

      Matthew Kincaid

      Dakota got VIP from being in the basement. GTFO.