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    • Ted Pask

      Important Gang Announcement!   06/20/2017

    • Cole Slaughter

      Erie County Suggestions! - Updated 07/21/17   06/21/2017

      Please take the time to read this and fill out the form with any suggestions/ideas you would like to see added to the Map.
    • Jacob Winters

      Community Announcement - 07/18/2017   07/18/2017

      Please read this over, as actions depicted within this post will not be tolerated.    
    • Tyler Reagan

      MedKits   07/21/2017

      Shalom, From this moment forward the only members of the community allowed to possess a medkit will be on duty EMS. Using a medkit to heal yourself, a friend or to revive someone will from this point forward be considered exploiting. I have manually removed every medkit from police inventories and will go through Civ inventories in the morning. I have nothing better to do with my life and I am inactive so I don't mind staring at database all day. I will periodically check DB and if I find you with a medkit you will receive an exploit ban.   Have a good day, Tyler Reagan

      P.S. - Stop Duping, I know who you are, I will find you.

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