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      Please take the time to read this and fill out the form with any suggestions/ideas you would like to see added to the Map.
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      Please read this over, as actions depicted within this post will not be tolerated.    
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      Shalom, From this moment forward the only members of the community allowed to possess a medkit will be on duty EMS. Using a medkit to heal yourself, a friend or to revive someone will from this point forward be considered exploiting. I have manually removed every medkit from police inventories and will go through Civ inventories in the morning. I have nothing better to do with my life and I am inactive so I don't mind staring at database all day. I will periodically check DB and if I find you with a medkit you will receive an exploit ban.   Have a good day, Tyler Reagan

      P.S. - Stop Duping, I know who you are, I will find you.


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    Dear Arma 3 Life Community, It is sad I have to actually put this out there, but it seems as though I have to. When you completed the interview for your Civilian Whitelisting, you agreed that "Bullying of any kind, whether it be verbal or hacking, will not be tolerated". You agreed to that statement. However, I have seen multiple incidents of extreme disrespect to members. I am not speaking of the simple banter between friends, but straight disrespect of certain members. Statements such as "kill yourself", etc., will NOT be tolerated in ANY WAY. You WILL receive punishment for such actions. As well, witchhunting or disrepect members of the community based on race, ethnicity, age, likes/dislikes, and all others will NOT be tolerated. These issues ruin the community, and shall not be allowed. Theses types of matters are non-negotiable. If you have any questions regarding this subject, please feel free to speak to a member of the Support Team or Staff.
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    While Bachelor 1 brags about being able to clean 290 lbs, Let me tell you what I can Clean. The house. While Bachelor 1 brags about his "Gains" let me tell you what I've gained. Real life experience, A 40 hour a week job with health insurance, working for a company that matches 6% for a 401k. What's that? Yeah that's right, Me, Bachelor number 2 has a retirement plan. Bachelor 1 wants to talk about his hobby of bodybuilding, Allow me to talk about my Hobby. I have a beautiful puppy who is almost halfway done with his mandated 30 hours accredited training. The hope is to one day, allow him to visit sick kids in the children's hospital and raise their spirits. Bachelor 1 likes to show you photos he's taken of his body. Goes without saying that a person who has so many pictures of themselves, only cares about 1 thing. Himself. Allow me to share some photos from my Camera. Graduation, Class 2. Dogs so happy, doesn't even care it's getting hit with a wagging tail. The only thing that will be refered to as a "Bitch" in our house. The dogs. He chewed up my video game, But I didn't get mad. So Ladies @Rachael Winters @Dakota Skye @Jada Vinci @Alexa Reagan @Ashley Pantera, you have to ask your selves. Would you rather date a guy who brags about himself all day, or someone like Bachelor 2 who marvels in the accomplishments of those around him. Sorry bitches, I'm married. #getFucked.
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    Arma 3 Life Suggested Ban Times Each Offense will only last for 30 days. If you receive 40 Warning Points within 30 days a Perm Request is Filed. Fail-RP [RDM,VDM, NLR, OOC, etc] First Offense: No higher than 2 days & 10 Warning Points Second Offense: No higher than 4 days & 10 Warning Points Third Offense: No higher than 7 days & 10 Warning Points Fourth Offense: Perm Request will be filed. Combat Logging First Offense: No higher than 2 days & 10 Warning Points [Inventory Wipe] Second Offense: No higher than 4 days & 10 Warning Points [Inventory Wipe] Third Offense: No higher than 7 days & 10 Warning Points [Inventory Wipe] Fourth Offense: Perm Request will be filed. Shoutbox Ban First Offense: No higher than 10 Warning Points Second Offense: No higher than 10 Warning Points Third Offense: No higher than 10 Warning Points Fourth Offense: Perm Shoutbox ban. Disrespect & Trolling First Offense: No higher than 2 days & 10 Warning Points Second Offense: No higher than 4 days & 10 Warning Points Third Offense: No higher than 7 days & 10 Warning Points Fourth Offense: Perm Request will be filed. Exploiting First Offense: No higher than 2 days & 10 Warning Points Second Offense: No higher than 4 days & 10 Warning Points Third Offense: No higher than 7 days & 10 Warning Points Fourth Offense: Perm Request will be filed. Meta-Gaming First Offense: No higher than 2 days & 10 Warning Points Second Offense: No higher than 4 days & 10 Warning Points Third Offense: No higher than 7 days & 10 Warning Points Fourth Offense: Perm Request will be filed.
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    The reason has finally be found. One man is responsible. The most powerful man on the server. The District Attorney, Jerome Winters We at the JCSO and the FBI have finally put the pieces together. Shortly before the server went down, Jerome Winters was in the middle of being impeached. Our evidence implicates Jerome in a grand sabotage scheme to keep his District Attorney position. Shortly after the impeachment papers. Jerome was seen dragging a child molester known as Boy Toucher, and two other unsuspecting Australians into his "office." Since then Boy Toucher and his Australian friends sought to wipe the server, and throw it in chaos. For a day he succeeded, but then ultimately failed when Boy Toucher realized people like that he's gone. On his way back, Jerome realized the brilliance of his plan. He was able to remain the District Attorney. What he failed to realize was that his plan was too great. The chaos caused was too damaging, and is causing the server to still be unavailable to the public despite the best efforts of hardened script warriors. So Jerome sits there, with all his power, unable to do anything because of the basement gangs atrocities. One thing is clear. If we are to see our server go up soon. We must sacrifice Jerome.
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    Arma 3 Life Official Rules [Last updated 06/22/2017] General Rules Respect all community members. Do not spam side chat, forums, TeamSpeak, etc. Do not act immature. Shitty RP = Fail RP 16+ Age Requirement. Admin’s Decisions are Final. Trolling streamers is forbidden (Purposely following around streamers just because they’re streamers) Subsections of the forums may have their own set of guidelines (IE Gang forums) Game Server Rules You are required to Role play at all times. You must use a proper Roleplay Name at all times. Exploiting or Hacking in any form will result in a permanent ban, including using a function for something other than it’s intended use (IE selling Cotton back to the farmer for more than you paid for it) Do not abuse or harass players unless it's within Roleplay. When involving yourself in a situation you must make it clear to all parties involved. Value your life, do not fight in circumstances where you would die for no cause. Upon hitting the respawn button, you forget the entire situation that lead to your death. Do not enter other people's role play scenarios without a valid reason within RP. You MUST initiate in order to involve yourself in a situation if you were not there when original initiation had occurred. Do not rob, shoot or harm anyone without a valid reason within RP. You must sound and act mature at all times unless roleplaying otherwise. Do not break any Twitch guidelines, even if you do not stream. (Streaming copyrighted music for no reason for instance) You MUST have a valid reason to inflict physical harm towards someone. Civilian sidechat is only to be used for advertisements of in game businesses/services. Permanent Green Zones: Any LEO Base/Sub Base, Any EMS Station/Substation, Inside rebel wall near the vendors. Greenzone: 15m around any NPC, EXCEPTION: Drug Dealers, Drug Processor, Uranium gathering/processing. Store Robbery: Cannot have snipers. Can’t be done for the sole purpose of baiting a gunfight with Cops. If you engage in a gunfight, You may not conceal your gun until it’s conclusion. (You may keep rifles on your back, or pistols in your hands) Combat Logging: Logging off/disconnecting from the server during an active Role Play scenario will be considered Fail RP. If you hit respawn or are picked up by a medic you are not permitted to re-enter the same situation that led to your death (rejoining the same gunfight after you are downed.) In order for a video to be used In-Character it must have the red dot that appears on the screen from using the in game Go-Pro. You are not allowed to rob or kill anybody in EMS custody UNLESS there is a RP reason for it (Example: Somebody has a hit on their head, proof of hit is required if reported). If you are picked up by EMS you are to remain in their custody until they release you UNLESS you have a VALID RP reason to leave. You are not allowed to steal anything from EMS. (Vehicles, Clothing, Equipment, etc) Bank Robbery/Jailbreak Rules There must be at least 7 LEO’s (Any BluFor Faction) online to do a jailbreak or Bank Robbery. You can not do a jailbreak or Bank Robbery if there is less than 30 minutes left on the server uptime. You can not takeover the prison or bank, once you are successful with the Jailbreak or Bank Robbery you must leave unless there are cops outside preventing the escape. LEO/DOJ Rules: If you are a command member you can not sell any form of police equipment, frequencies, or officer/ems locations. In order for an execution to be deemed within RP, there must be a strong Role Play reason for the act. DOJ corruption is NOT allowed. EMS Rules You are not allowed to commit malice actions against EMS Personnel. All EMS Personnel are to remain neutral in all situations (ie you can not DOA somebody because you do not like them, you can not give out cop locations/freqs, etc, you can not prioritize a call to help police, etc) EMS are allowed a double life as a civilian, but may not join a gang on their double life. Examples Showing up to a scenario in which you were not initially involved in and shooting without initiating is RDM (Regardless of Faction) Pulling a gun while you are outnumbered is not valuing life. Trying to take people hostage in very risky situations is not valuing your life. (ie robbing a cop at bank robbery) Walking up to gunfights you are not involved in is not valuing your life. Involving yourself in shooting situations may result in death with no RDM. Robbing people for no reason is Fail RP. Being a excessive troll after being put in restraints is Fail-RP. Talking about Gods or out of world issues can be considered Fail RP. Running up and trolling police situations / crime scenes with no RP will be deemed Fail-RP. Stream Sniping will result in a metagame ban. Going to a gunfight and shooting without initiating if you were not there for the original initiation will be considered FailRP. Going to the “In-Game Admin” rooms during RP is considered Fail RP, regardless of if a rule break is taking place (Aside from Mass RDM or something else very serious) Being disrespectful on the forums or in the shoutbox for no reason is considered a forum violation
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    Yo you tagged my wife in this thread? Whats up homie want to toss hands?
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    Like this reply if you think Fernando Beira-Mar begging for likes is pathetic.
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    Rule Modified DOJ corruption is NOT allowed.
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    LMFAO!!! ive never cringed so hard damn you really tried to get girls with this one. might want to try some steroids i could hook you up with a good batch
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    Thanks for tagging me???? Wtf
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    Everything about you ain't right. From yo hair to yo legs First your head isn't right, tryina score some Epuss like you the Don King of the internet. You look like you don't eat nothin. Niggas in Auschwitz got more food than you, so you don't have no gains. You have ZEROOO traps. You have no Lats. The only back exercise you get is when your boyfriend tells you he wants to give you a backrub. Your deadlift and squat are imbalanced. You have no ass and some skinny ass legs. I dunno how you've been able to take it there all those years but damn. There is no way you can do over 170 on the deadlift. So that means you here lying about your shit to get some fuckin epuss that prolly wouldn't even give it up in yo cuntry.
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    I don't give two shits about likes, here is the links. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B82z9H6RhPLGS1dsU2JlTE5UcVE?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B65Bc5oJbgspVFdVWjBFQkN3Z1k?usp=sharing
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    Me Signed, Cole
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    Looks like a shit kylo ren impersonator
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    Rule Added In order for a video to be used In-Character it must have the red dot that appears on the screen from using the in game Go-Pro.
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    *burner laptop* *VPN* *Encrypted network* *anon* suqvuwgvigwvgwvpywvtwifwpfwtwcptwtowvhwvubwuinqiqnibaiadjwkdbhxkwbxhdkwoskbosap)))))(-'alsokshabwoabbdHACKINGINTOSODATABASEspsbfbaoznb/////wismsbdbialdhaoxnaSTEALINGFILES....ajwbdhiejejwishehDONE Hello members of the Jackson County Sheriffs Office, FBI, and Marshals. You don't know my name and you never will, so just call me 4hed. I am here to expose you all. I am here to start the domino effect that will end your corrupt departments. I have a stash of classified documents that would shock the public if they were to be released to the public, would cause absolute chaos. You have 24 hours to give me $2,000,000 or I will leak the documents. Clock is ticking... Clock is ticking...
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    Special Agent in Charge Doofy reporting for duty!
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    i choose lee harvey oswald. laid out 2/3 shots on a moving target from a window with wind
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    Damn bro save some girls for the rest of us here.
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    BTW @Rachael Winters Has a bigger penis then you do... bahahahahahahaha!
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    Best shot out of the people who's coming back. My choosing: Either @Crush Carboni or @Dmitriy Bugayev
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    *im rolling up a piece of newspaper and smacking you on the head* "Bad dog! Let the people talk. Sit down. Shut the fuck up. Next time I'm throwing your ass in a kennel"
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    Like this post and I will PM you the google drive link for the mods. Quick download
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    and you're still trash
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    Ugh! I hate it when people try to get likes, Like if you agree
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    No Justice No Peace; Jerome won't live in one Piece! #LetsQuaterHisAss #IHaven'tHadaGoodLynchMobInAWhile
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    We will talk once you like the post
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    Yo waddup peips my name is heisen beira-mar and im at an all time low on my ego levels, and to fix that i'm farming likes on a forum page of a rp server by making threads with emotional/promotional/general content. ps.: please send help the bleach is already on his wine glass ps2.: despite the friendly banter, i luv u son @Heisen Beira-Mar ps3.: im also seeking attention, so PLEASE LIKE THIS THREAD, IF YOU DO ILL GIVE YOU ONE MILLION INGAME
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    Gotta get my 400+ Rep in an online forum some how
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    Coming out... This has been a really hard battle for be but I want you guys to know that i identify as a Anthropomorphic Potato I'd appreciate if you could help me afford my surgery to one day look like my idol Mr. Potato Head
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    Join my Milsim at http://arma3life.org/forums/
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    Picture is me after body building for about a year. @Dakota Skye @Rachael Winters hmu gurls xx 6'8'' 92kg 82'' Shoulders 41" Waist -4% Body Fat Bench Max - 300kg Squat Max - 400kg Deadlift Max - 600kg Clean Max - 1400kg (I know its low but Im slowly improving)
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    especially when 2 of them have dicks https://gyazo.com/444e65d540b34e6697c04c324f5aa20d
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    oh I was useful for once? damn.
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    When the youtube intro is longer than the actual content.
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